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Limited places. Brazilian butt-lift based in Hertfordshire (Cheshunt) and London Liverpool Street.


2021/04/30 20:00:00

    Yes, I am interested in getting a perkier bottom!


    The technology (4 treatments in 1) – Radiofrequency and LED Laser Lipo, Vacuum with Ultrasound Cavitation

    Hi, I am Zena and I have been a Laser / IPL Beauty therapist for 7 years.

    I have always been fascinated (and excited!) with any new technology that helps with anti-aging and making yourself feel better about yourself. I am naturally slim with a high metabolism, but have always suffered from orange peel cellulite skin on the backs of my thighs and bum. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and don’t eat sugar, potatoes, bread or pasta as a general rule…. but that alone doesn’t shift it. So of course, I have had every skin treatment done under the sun, including Cryolipolysis, Surface liposuction, Laser lipo and multiple different fat removal treatments including radiofrequency and cavitation. I have found that RF combined with LED laserlipo, Vacuum and low frequency Ultrasound has had the best results. And actually it is the most comfortable as it is more like having a bum massage! And it sounds like aliens are in your head which is a bit strange, but good to know it is working! I am yet to try HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) but watch this space as I may be getting a machine soon! Oh and perhaps Shockwave therapy, as I have heard this is also great for cellulite 🙂

    In a nutshell, the treatment effects are:

    • Dissolve fat
    • Body contouring & shaping
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Firm and tighten skin
    • Stimulate collagen production
    • Improvement of elasticity & tone, and general reduction of waist, abdomen & buttocks.

    Radiofrequency – The Skinnie Minnie (TM) machine which I have uses non-invasive radiofrequency with the highest 150W multipolar radiofrequency (the highest compared to all other machines on the market, along with Velashape) whilst still being safe on the skin. The heat stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which regenerates the contour and makes the skin smooth and elastic. And if you need a scientific study to back this up, have a look here at this article on The Biological Effects of Quadripolar Radiofrequency Sequential Application: A Human Experimental Study. I quote “the collagen fibers underwent an immediate heat-induced rearrangement and were partially denaturated and progressively metabolized by the macrophages. An overall thickening and spatial rearrangement was appreciated both in the collagen and elastic fibers.”. The Department of Dermatology, Al-Minya University, Al-Minya, Egyp states “RF produced noticeable clinical results, with high satisfaction and corresponding facial skin improvement. Compared with the baseline, there was a statistically significant increase in the mean of collagen types I and III, and newly synthesized collagen, while the mean of total elastin was significantly decreased, at the end of treatment and 3 months posttreatment. “ Read it here. There are many more studies if you follow the links via those articles stated.

    Ultrasound Cavitation – This basically liquifies fat and your body then takes it away with the lymphatic system. It helps to reshape the body with no pain and no downtime. It is the intelligent alternative to liposuction. Internationally recognised Ultrasound Cavitation technology has appeared on shows like “The Doctors” and “Dr. OZ” demonstrating fat reduction with skin tightening in as little as 30 minutes without pain, needles or downtime. Ultra Sound Cavitation stimulates the fat cells through the power of ultrasound by vibration, causing an implosion breaking down the fat cells, allowing your body to shift the fat naturally out of as a waste product. Ultrasound Cavitation creates bubbles in the liquid that surrounds the fat cells, which gradually grow and burst. Membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations so the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, whilst sparing the surrounding vascular, nervous and muscular tissue. This enables you to lose inches in the targeted area. Because the fat cell is metabolised in the process this is a permanent treatment unlike lasers (but see notes below). It is the closest you can get to surgery with an all-natural process.

    LED – The Sixpolar RF treatment also has low level laser light therapy (at 635nm) combined in the treatment head. Research has shown that low light laser therapy is effective in reducing overall body circumference measurements of specifically treated regions, such as the hips, waist, thighs, and upper arms. Recent studies have demonstrated the long-term effectiveness of results. See more here: Article on 635nm low level laser therapty for body contouring.

    Vacuum – Application of vacuum therapy ensures a stronger flow of blood to the body part which is being massaged. Vacuum massage also helps in the detoxification process within the body. It helps eliminate toxic substances from the body in the form of sweat and at times in the form of sebaceous glands. Again, this is why it is so important to exercise and drink LOTS of water to help flush the toxins out through the body’s waste system.

    NOTES – There is no point in breaking down fat for your body to take away, if you are then going to eat a burger and fries! You are putting more fat in your body and your body will simply just restore it again! Having treatments such as this are a great help if you have already changed your diet and need some extra help shifting the stubborn fat, cellulite and to tighten sagging skin. you MUST drink loads of water also to give the lymphatic system something to work with. I will make you drink a bottle of water whilst you are with me, as this will help flush the toxins out.


    Not at all. The Cavitation treatment creates a weird alien sound in your head, but this is very quiet and causes no pain. The rest of it is really like a warm bottom massage.

    The initial consultation will take 5-10 minutes. The treatment consists of 2 or 3 different heads being used (depending on your skin) meaning a total time of 30-40 minutes.

    The results will vary from person to person and depends on lifestyle. It should be permanent if your diet is clean and you exercise at least moderately. If you eat loads of junk food, your body will simply store more fat back in it’s favourite place, which is probably the place you had treated! Drinking lots of water will also keep it at bay.

    You need to drink 2-3 litres of water the day before leading up to the treatment and the same again the day after. This is to ensure optimal results, allowing your lymphatic system to have enough water to carry away the toxins that have been broken down in the skin.

    Although this advertising is concentrating on the bottom, the treatmentis also great for love handles, stomach and arms.

    No, not at all. You may get some bruising and redness which is perfectly normal. You may also feel a bit restless and energetic afterwards and may need to pee more!

    LIMITED TIME OFFER OF £210 for x3 SESSIONS / £360 for x6

    OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE: I am also available for Laser Tattoo Removal, IPL Hair Removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and also RF Facial treatment.

    Only one discounted treatment per person.
    Must book before 30th April but your appointment can be any time before July 31st 2021.
    *Offer valid for treatment at Cheshunt premises only.